Chapter of a story im working on

A young woman awoke covered in sweat from a night terror. She had never had one before this night. Panting she threw the covers of her because she felt as though she was on fire. Rushing to her bathroom she threw water onto her face and reluctantly tried to recall what had terrified her so much. She had been laying on the ground slumped up against the wall as fire raged around her. There had been some sort of creature standing above her holding a sword dripping with fresh blood. The creature while laughing had pointed the sword at her and from its tip had come fire. It had been at that point she had woken up. Raising her head to the mirror she stared into it and pondered brushing aside her red hair, she was the last of her family and was not happy with her life. Along with no family she had no love life and their had not been a man in her life for quite sometime. The loneliness and insignificance she felt was taking its toll, the woman that stared back at her she did not recognize. Pulling herself away from the image she walked out of her bathroom. That’s when she noticed it, a large glowing light coming from a long object sitting on her dresser. Dumbfounded on how she could have missed it when she had woken up she cautiously moved towards it. Nearing it she let out a loud gasp as she recognized what it was, a sword. Reaching out her hands she slowly lifted the sword from the dresser and pulled it from its scabbard. Thats when a loud eerie howl erupted from the street below her house followed by more howls. The next sound that came was her front windows and door being smashed in. Then came through her bedroom window and part of the wall a large creature with glowing red eyes,dark matted fur, and glinting fangs and claws. Quickly tying the scabbard around her she pointed the sword at the creature stuttering as she spoke, “ S-S-Stay back.” Thats when her bedroom door went flying off its hinges nearly missing her as another of the creatures entered the room. Slowly she drew back to a section of her wall still intact as the creatures advanced towards her. Then they lunged at her, either it was from adrenaline or the heat of the moment but she found herself blocking their attacks as they attempted to tear her apart with their long glinting claws. The sword began to glow as she blocked their attacks and then without knowing how she had done it a streak of flames erupted from its tips sending one of her attackers flying through her bedroom straight into the house next door followed by the screams of its inhabitants. She then seized the moment to slice open the neck of the other creature which had been momentarily distracted by the subsequent event. Without hesitation she ran down stairs thankful she had chosen t the option of a tank top and shorts as sleepwear and then out into her street. She was then met by a ring of the creatures that slipped out of the darkness. Mind racing and heart pounding she prepared for the worst and then out of nowhere came of series of silver arrows that planted themselves in the back of several of the creatures.  Then came a beautiful horse with a lightly armored man out of the darkness brandishing his sword who leaped from the horse to land beside her. The remaining creatures lunged with growls at them. Grabbing her hand the stranger pushed her out of the way and chanted something in a stranger language resulting in tongues of fire, one for each of the creatures coming at them.. Grabbing her by the hand he led her to the horse he had ridden in on after mounting himself he pulled her up on, “Hold on to me.” This was answered by growls as the creatures appeared to have not been killed by the strangers attack. The next thing she knew they were galloping at full speed down the road with two of the creatures pursuing them. The sound of sirens approached them and the red and blue lights of cop cars were fast approaching them. Yet the stranger did not change course and headed straight for the first incoming cop car. The woman yelled at him, “what the hell are you doing.” The man simply replied, “Trust me.” She closed her eyes and braced for the impending collision. It never came, somehow the horse leaped the full distance over the cop car and once it had landed on the pavement he jerked the reins to the right as the next cop car brakes screeched towards them. Missing it by inches, however, one of the other creatures wasn’t as lucky and while its companion continued to follow them into the woods the creature slammed into the front of the cop car and rolled over the top of it. The two continued into woods as the sound of the cops gun fire faded away still being pursued by the last creature. The stranger drew his sword, chanted something strange and pointed his now glowing sword to ground. Still clinging on to him for dear life she turned gasping as the ground shook and a sudden portion of the earth jagged like a blade thrust itself from the ground plunging into the creature which howled in rage.The stranger wasted no time turning the horse galloping back to the impaled creature still struggling to free himself and with no effort slicing its head from the body. Sheathing the sword he spoke, “We still have further to ride before we can assume that were safe, until then hold and stay quiet.” They continued on for what seemed like hours to her several times she dozed off only to be awoken by some sound or a sudden movement of the horse. Finally they came to a stop, “Are we here finally’” she muttered sleepily. Helping her dismount he responded, “Sort of.” Rubbing her eyes she found herself facing an entrance to a cave. Holding out his hand for her to take he calmly said, “Follow me and watch your step.” She started to ask about where the horse would go and she turned to look at startled to find it slowly dematerializing into a breeze and vanishing. She turned back to him, “ What the.” Sort of smiling in amusement he merely started leading her into the cave. For good while they twisted, crawled, and climbed their way through its chambers finally coming to a dead road. Exhausted she moved to his side and spoke, “Dead end, what now, where are you taking me?” Once again he muttered something she couldn’t understand. Soon as he finished a section of the wall began to part revealing another chamber to which he led her inside. Once inside she gasped, the chamber had been crudely furnished into a living area. “Do you live here?” she asked as he hung his sword on a rock peg. “I keep an eye out for potential refuge places in case of an emergency and this place was not occupied by an enemy so I took advantage of the situation.” he said smiling. “How did you find me?” she pressed. “ Once I was alerted to your brother’s recent death I headed straight towards your area to keep the promise I made him to so long ago.” he replied. “You must be mistaken, my brother died long ago.” she shot back. “That was what you were made to believe, your brother knew that something was coming so in a hope to draw attention from you since both of you are last of the Alberans he faked his death and took a new name staying under the radar as much as possible.” he calmly replied. “ This can’t be happening, I gave up that life, why would they go after me.?” she said sighing planting herself on  the nearest chair. “ This war will be the last for possession of the key and we are facing an uphill battle. Our enemy knows this so anyone who could be a threat will be targeted. You can’t change who you truly are or the duty that you were born with any longer.” he said sternly. “ How did you even meet my brother/” she shot back. “Despite going under the radar he still made swords when they were needed for us warriors of the higher one. I had seen your brother several times during my training when he, came to present a sword for another brother who had been approved by our master. It wasn’t till I was approved that I spoke to him when he told me that he had been watching me. In exchange for my sword he requested one thing, that I would watch over you and if a time came defend you with my life. I agreed and since then I have remained in this area hunting down the creatures of evil instead of traveling around like many of my brothers do since the old system of large groups of secret knights spread out in different areas as slowly withered to the point we usually moving around. A spectre of a giraffe that he said he would only send when he was about to die came to me yesterday so I immediately went to your place to wait for them to come for you.” he said. “Thank you but, i’m not a metalsmith nor a warrior. I can not help you, this isn’t my fight, I never wanted this life.” she said in denial. It was his turn to shot back, “I will not force you to come with me but, I can not be your bodyguard till this war is over. I have saved you this night fulfilling my promise to your brother.  I must return to the fight until the final battle comes where all those loyal to the higher one will gather. You can hide but, I highly doubt you will be able to stay hidden forever and if we lose this war you will surely perish before your time was suppose to come. Will you continue your families legacy or was your brother the last true Aldberan?” She stood up unsheathing the sword that had come to her, “This is my brothers isn’t it,” he nodded, “It seems I have no choice in this. My brother did his duty while I avoided mine. I will fight with you.” Smiling he answered, “Then I will train you Rachael Aldberan last of your family line.” Returning the smile she asked, “ What’s your name by the way.” He replied, “Andrew and now you get some rest and tomorrow the training will begin.”

(if anyone besides a  certain someone who knows who she is reads this and wants more of the previous segments request and I will post)


Board and Card games played in my life (ongoing list)

1. Uno

2. Solitaire

3. Apples to Apples

4. Blokus

5. Monopoly

6. Boardwalk

7. Trouble

8. Go Fish

9. Old Maid

10. War

11. Varies versions of screw your neighbor

12. Chinese Checkers

13. Checkers

14. Chess

15. Dolphins/Spoons

16. Rummikub

17. Magic the Gathering

18. Games of Thrones Board Game

19. Euchre

20. 500 Rummy

21. Phase 10

22. Candyland

23. Tripoli

24. Speed

25. Slap

26. 7 Wonders

27. Carcassone

Time is too slo…

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

Henry Van Dyke

The Greatest Gift

It doesnt come in a box, wrapped all bright. It doesnt come with a big red bow all nicely tied. It cant be bought for any amount of gold.  


It is fragile as  cinderallas glass slipper, sacred as the burning bush, and as beutiufual as a rising sun upon the water. It is as hard to find as a fabled dragons guarded treasure.


It brings upon a person the brightest days if recieved and the longest rain if lost. It can feel as surreal as a dream if given and as painfull as a blade into the heart if taken.


Angels sing when it comes and cry when it leaves. It can sweep u away only to cast you upon the rocks.


It is the hope that lies at the bottom of Pandoras box. It is the shot one takes in the dark, the limb they take a chance on crawling out upon.


It can be as strong as a raging river, as gentle as a woodlands stream.  It as deep as the Grand Canyon and as rare as an oasis in the Sahara.


It is Gods greatest gift, two peoples greatest achievement, the worlds greatest mystery, the novelistist greatest romance.

It is lasting true love. 


I sit and watch the stars, trace the constellations as the sailors of long ago counted on them to find the shore. Amongst the Dippers, the Great Bear, and the Scorpion also form the faces of those long gone. How I wish like the sailors of old I could use the stars as they once did if only live was as easy. If only they could plot my course.  


If only I could glide back to you aboard Pegasus majestic wings . But Sagittarius the archer shoots me down back to earth and reality while Pegasus forms back into the stars. Auquila catches me before i hit the ground but, can not take me back. If only I could be Hercules and save Andromeda but when I do the chains only claim me, the chains of life. If only I could be brave like the mighty Leo but Orion the hunter has other plans. If only I could be as fierce as Draco the dragon and gentle as Cygnus the Swan. If only I could be Persues the hero and maybe earn Cassiopeia the queens favor and maybe she stay.  If only I was the sailors of old and let the stars lead me to the shore.  

Bucket List (Still in the making)

7 September 2009 at 23:00

1. visit rome

2. go scuba diving

3. fly a p-51 mustang

4.visit the grand canyon(check)

5. kiss a girl under the effiel tower

6.learn how to play guitar on the tv show survior on the tv show wipout

9.go skiing

10.visit the pyramids of giza

11. take a stroll on the great wall

12. visit australia

13. climb a famous mountain

14. go bunjee jumping

15.take a boat trip down the missippi river

16. take a cruise

17.visit the amazon

18. go skydiving a ferrari

20. go to a rock concert(check)

21.visit hollywood

22.kick a soccer ball into a goal in a proffesional stadium

23.visit washington d.c.(check)

24.go white water rafting on the highest class of rapids

25. visit cedar point

26.audition for american idol

27.visit new york(check)

28.visit hawaii

29. graduate high school(check)

30.graduate colleges

31.take a ride in a hot air balloon

32.visit las vegas(check) in the flying pig

34.compete in a triathlon

35.go to a night club(check)

36.visit the Caribbean

37. visit Egypt

38. Visit at least one country in Europe

39. shoot a gun (check)

37. go to perfect north slopes at least once (check)

38. kiss under the mistletoe